About Makesboro, USA

We are building a bridge between high tech, low tech and common sense.  Before the world’s knowledge could be held in the palm of our hands, learning was more often done with our hands.  Today, computed engineering helps us to be more precise, more creative and more efficient.


With a “Common Sense Core Curriculum”, we use maker innovation to engage and excite.  Instilling new practitioners with a proficient understanding of the basics to produce and succeed, the lessons taught here can be applied everywhere.

Our Mobile Studio

Rent our Mobile Maker Studio or Have One Built For You!

CNC Routers

Work with wood, metal, fiber and more!

3D Printing

Create with 3D printing technology, apply best practices and recycle plastics.

Forging, Smithing & Casting

Create metal works, jewelry and replacements for everyday objects.

LASER Cutting

Create with state-of-the-art LASER cutting machines.

Personal Training

Get hands-on, one-on-one training with our certified and experienced Makers.

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