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Makesboro USA

3D Printing


Laser Cutting

CNC Routing

Bring local manufacturing home.

We deliver a variety of state-of-the-art tools, equipment and training to enhance and support schools, clubs, organizations, communities, businesses and events.

Within hours learners of all ages will be producing with computerized micro-manufacturing on site!


Maker Happen at Your Space

Develop Workforce Skills

A variety of modern workforce skills & development starting with a common sense approach to life skills and understanding between people, machines and engineered design.

Authenticated Certifications

Give your learners badging and certification that follows them everywhere they go!  Our certification and digital badging proves skill sets and bragging rights.

Host a Technology Tailgate Party

Hack-a-thons and Technology Tailgate Parties are a great way to energize your community with tools they can use.

Equipment & Material Rentals Available

Customize your suite of mobile maker engenuity.

Create with Friends, Family & Community

Anywhere, anytime, anyone can enjoy a bit of Makesboro in their borough!

Give Work a Chance!

Curriculum, training & special events that inspire people to work, learn and earn!

Mobile Maker

Bring State-of-theArt Mobile Making to Your Location

Makesboro, USA

Make something with your hands!  Check out our gallery of projects and programs.

Groups & Events

Reserve your memory maker and take your event to the next level.

Programs & Services

Special Events


Custom Mobile Maker Stations


Transitional Training

Tutorials & Certifications

Metal Works

3D Printing

CNC Machining

Makesboro Means

Certified Training

Provide training and skill-development that positively results in certification.

Learn From Anywhere

Equipment rentals and materials are available as a packaged approach to micromanufacturing & computer learning.  The Mobile Maker is a customized trailer housing a variety of maker tools, machines and human-powered expertise.


The Mobile Maker is a multimedia powerhouse for creativity and learning.  Learn about Making with Metal, Wood, Leather, Plastic & Dirt…

Forging Innovation

The Mobile Maker is designed to provide a way for hosts to create, repair and design solutions.  Need a new desk?  Create one from recycled plastics!  Looking to replace a broken part?  Print one with a 3D printer!

Common Sense Curriculum

Mapping, manufacturing, planning, repurposing, producing- Learn the tricks of the trades and life skills engineered for good.

Call: (336) 338-1011 Or Signup For Our Newsletter

Call: (336) 338-1011 Or Signup For Our Newsletter

Makesboro USA


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Maker’s Maker

Joel Leonard is a recognized leader at building pipelines of skilled technicians, and helping grow respect and appreciation of the maintenance profession. With over 30 years of professional experience, Joel has helped all types of people, from ex-offenders looking for jobs, to C-Suite executives looking for talent, as well as top government and educational leaders looking to grow talent pools to retain and attract employers.

A MAKERS’ MAKER, conducting tours around the country to learn and boost the maker movement. Guest Speaker, Spokesman – now helping Maker Heroes get funding and become sustainable!